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Panbuster Subsoiler

Right from the start the Panbuster was about details. An auto-reset that could take side impact, the wave that created cracks, a great finish and more control.

Grass Panbuster

It’s the wave that
does the work.

Arable Panbuster

Probably the best auto-reset
in the world.

Folding Panbuster

Our customers
wanted more..

Agriseeder Drill

The flexible unit that sows a variety of seeds even in extreme conditions.


The Agriseeder has a reputation for producing results where other machines may fail.

Folding Agriseeder

The 4m folding version of our market-leading Agriseeder is ideal for larger operators and contractors.

Trailed Agriseeder

The newest edition to the Agriseeder range - more suitable for smaller tractors and heavier hoppers.

Other Machines

Front Press

Reduces the work required on the rear.

Front Harrow

Creating more tilth for the seedling.


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