Take care of your biggest asset – the soil

A flexible subsoiler perfect for improving aeration and drainage.

• High finish • Low horsepower



A well aerated soil with good root structure can significantly increase grass yield potential. It stands to reason that you cannot get good plant growth above ground if there is not a good root structure below the ground.
Independent tests show that with subsoiling there is an average 21% increase in dry matter across a range of soil types.


A well aerated soil warms up quicker in the Spring and cools down more slowly in the Autumn enabling the length of the grazing season to be extended.


Subsoiling increases aerobic activity in the soil and sweetens the grass making it more palatable. Many farmers will state that animals prefer to graze a subsoiled area over an un-subsoiled area.


Improved aeration will result in improved drainage, enabling livestock to traffic the ground with reduced poaching and enabling the grass to be used. Increased pore space allows quicker perforation of moisture into the soil and aids speed of water movement. Water drains better in the wet and there is more moisture available when dry.



Grass Subsoiling

In grass subsoiling the compaction starts at the surface and builds progressively deeper. This will cause poorer water transfer, more anaerobic activity and shallower rooting – less grass, less palatable grass, water logging of the surface and the land can become unusable by livestock and machinery.

The new grass leg developed by Erth Engineering sets new standards of performance. This is not an arable leg slimmed down, or a smaller foot – it does not stagger the legs to overcome the failings in design – this is the standard that just keeps on giving. By placing the legs in a line the lift is maximised and can be controlled more by adjusting the toplink. A 3-leg Panbuster often out performs 4-leg alternatives with stagger. As the point wears, lift and penetration can be helped by shortening the toplink – the wear logistics are enhanced.

Every soil has different characteristics and behaves differently with varying moisture, however the wave action generated by panbusting levers open cracks maximising the cracks generated in the top zone and works on all soil types and conditions.

This is not arable subsoiling – there is little point in high shatter at depth but low shatter at the surface. This is grass subsoiling—high shatter near the surface reversing the compaction.


The auto-reset system on the Erth Engineering Panbuster is the best auto reset on the market with the best protection.

High Lift
The higher the lift the higher the protection.
Side Swing
Reduced stress on machine and brings up less stones.
Shear bolt
Maximises protection.


  • Hydraulic roller/hydraulic depth control – all machines come as standard with hydraulic depth control and indicator. This allows depth to be changed to suit conditions. The machine can be lifted out at the end of the run using the roller. The roller then rolls the exits for a clean finish.
  • Sprung loaded disks.
  • Marine spec Nikrom ram rods – extremely reliable.
  • 400 brinnel materials used for high stress areas.
  • Load bearing areas are bushed and have large pins.
  • In line legs maximise the lift. Toplink adjustment can be used to compensate for wear, extend life and reduce running costs.

Panbuster X

Top of the range machines use an accumulator each side of the reset rams. Main accumulator is a super reliable piston accumulator and the second accumulator eliminates the breather so we don’t have moisture/condensation forming in the rams.

All X machines are fitted with auto reset and with a constant pressure disk which provides consistent depth of cut throughout the depth range.

compact / eco panbuster

Simple disk system and same format and spacing between disk, leg and roller. Simple 300 by 100 frame with indispension-type rubber mounted disk and single bolt depth adjustment.

SHEARBOLT panbuster

Same disk system as the Compact/Eco and same format and space between disk, leg and roller. Different leg numbers in the same frame as standard.


  • Soft Drive on Rear Roller
  • Steel Toothed Packer
  • Grass Skid System
  • Various Leg Options – inc. mole plough legs
  • Adaption for Umbilical Manure Systems
  • Long Legs
  • Arable Legs
  • Galvanised Frame


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