A trailed version of the Erth Agriseeder is currently undergoing field trials. The trailed Agriseeder has a unique central chassis which makes for a robust, strong unit. It will lend itself towards smaller tractors and heavier hoppers as the machine is not dependent on a tractor to lift it at the ends. It puts heavier loadings on the coulter so the machine will also be more suitable for sowing larger grains.


Second Hopper

A secondary hopper on the Agriseeder will allow the machine to disperse two products at once, either into a common airstream (down the slot) or broadcast one on the surface. For example

  1. peas down the slot and clover on the surface
  2. seed down the slot and slug pellets on the surface
  3. seed and micro-fertiliser down the slot

Construction is all stainless-steel hopper and sponge roller metering allowing it to handle different sizes of seeds and more difficult products.

Auto Depth

Our patent applied for Auto Depth system will not be available until late 2022 but will be retrofittable to existing Agriseeders and an option on machines going forward from that date. It will enable customers to achieve a more consistent depth and more predictable results and will be particularly relevant for long days, poor visibility and changes of soil in the same field. Seeding depth is so critical for smaller seeds.

Front and Rear Harrow System

The system has been under trial for a couple of seasons now and available this year on our Agriseeder range. It has really taken off and allows for a much greater flexibility for surface seeding and slot seeding. Feedback from customers has been extremely positive. (pictures 1-4)

Farm Flex Roller

Ideal for drilling on cultivated ground.



The AGRISEEDER has a reputation of producing results where other machines may fail.


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