“Top quality machine. Well designed and manufactured and does a fantastic job on clay soils to aid drainage and grass growth”
Glen Faulkner
Cooktown, Northern Ireland
“I got the device on trial but I will want to keep it on the farm permanently. It has an impressive wave effect… this machine will allow me to a greatly reduce use of the plough”
Józef Nowicki
Mycielin, Poland
“We used our panbuster on an eight acre field in August of 2018. Our land is a relatively free draining sandy loam and it had been in tillage occasionally up until the mid nineties. In recent years it was one of the last fields to receive urea in spring and we had to be careful when grazing because it had turned into a much wetter bit of ground than it should be. Since we used the Erth Panbuster it has transformed this field it grew 25% more grass for the 2019 season and we could graze or travel it whenever we needed to. Very satisfied with the result.

Every grass farmer knows that getting grasseed sown can be a difficult and challenging job. The windows of opportunity can be few and far between but when using the Erth Agriseeder things are different. We have sown seed while it was raining or how about sowing grasseed before burning off? Quick turnaround to grazing was achieved because our undisturbed seedbed means root grip was not an issue. Fertility in the surface remained and we had minimal stones to pick after sowing. A simple strong and effective machine”
Alastair and Alan McCormick
Co Mayo, Ireland
“Serious results for a not-ideal back end of year for reseeding or growth……ideal solution for Irish conditions”
Coral Plant & Agr
Shercock, Co Cavan
“Customer direct drilled root crops, specifically swedes, into burnt off ground and stubble turnip into stubble. He was delighted with the results”
Rhys Roberts
Denby, UK


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