Our Green Credentials

Unfortunately, at this moment in time certain parts of the media portray a negative view of farming. It highlights the negative effects whilst taking no account of the positive effects. Farmers by growing crops help retain carbon into the soil; everything we focus on is geared to increase crop growth and so aid the process.

The Panbuster increases aeration which improves the potential for plant growth, increase pore space within the soil, improves drainage in damp conditions and helps plants grow longer in dry conditions as the increase in pore space increases available water to the plant. A well aerated soil warms up more quickly in the spring and cools down more slowly in the winter, so we increase production each end of the season. The end result is increased grass production and sequestering of carbon in the soil. Traditionally farmers have used inversion techniques to improve aeration however this causes oxidation of carbon in the soil and carbon release into the atmosphere. By employing a Panbuster farmers can reduce carbon release.

The Agriseeder direct drill enables farmers to establish crops with minimal soil movement; there is c. 5% carbon release compared to traditional inversion methods. The land should always be growing crop however it costs money to establish crop. Sometimes the land is left unproductive. The Agriseeder is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to put crop in the ground so it allows the farmer to grow less profitable crops which can improve the soil. By introducing more productive species and by keeping the land productive, more carbon is sequestered.

More and more, farmers are now seeding into existing crops rather than using chemicals to kill. The Agriseeder is specifically designed to fold existing herbage away from the coulter facilitating usage into existing cover. It creates a slot with tilth which helps the young plant receive moisture, shelter and anchorage optimising the ability of it to compete with the existing herbage.

A well aerated soil improves the facility for good bacteria to grow. It is these good bacteria which are part of the building blocks to good soil health and production. We feel confident in the future that the techniques we are developing in conjunction with farmers will form the basis of legislation to drive farming forward.


Shallow roots
compacted soil


Deeper roots
New Root Growth
More Growth Potential


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