Erth Engineering Ltd. Specialist design and manufacture of the Panbuster Subsoiler and Agriseeder Seed Drill.

Erth Engineering is market-leader in the UK and Ireland for auto-reset grass subsoilers and grass disk drills.

Erth Engineering offers a range of farm machinery which is designed and built at its base in Co Down, Northern Ireland. The company prides itself on building simple, functional, robust machines that can out perform all comers in the field.

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Panbuster Subsoiler

Soil is comprised of mineral or organic soil particles with spaces called “pore space”. This space contains varying amounts of air and water depending on soil type and conditions…


Agriseeder Grass Drill

Flexible machine with ability to sow into existing grass or burn off. Ability to sow grass, fodder crops and mixes to enhance silage swards. Low HP requirement; tractors from 100hp…

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