The Grass Panbuster Subsoiler


MOST STRUCTURAL PROBLEMS ON SPORTS TURF OCCUR IN THE TOP THREE INCHES. The DISK AERATOR can be used on all types of turf-based sports surfaces. The machine’s continuous slitting action provides a greater surface area per metre for exchange and absorption than a conventional slitter and the machine’s root pruning action stimulates vigorous new root production.

A Slitter for all seasons

In spring and summer the foundations for winter drainage can be laid if the machine is used in single, deep runs followed by a drying period.

Where heavy, slow draining land exists, the ground will crack open, this can then be filled with sand to give fast track water removal for the rest of the season.

In autumn and winter the disk action can prove invaluable. The slits will speed water perforation to the drains below and can even be used for emergency drainage, allowing a playing surface to be achieved where otherwise it would not be feasible.

Multiple pass usage in winter is invaluable for removing black layer. The increased aeration and drainage, coupled to “root pruning” induces vigour down the plant with improved soil structure and root development.


• Removes thatch, black layer and surface slimes
• Speeds water perforation to drains
• Stimulates root growth
• Exceedingly fast with no plucking of turf
• This machine will do all of the above whilst still leaving the surface in playing order.
• Use of this machine can increase the number of playing days in the year.


• Weight (no ballast): 300kg
• Overall width: 1850mm
• Working width: 1830mm (6ft)
• Overall length: 950mm
• Number of disks: 6
• Disk diameter: 450mm
• Axle diameter: 45mm
• (tensile threaded)


• Close mounted
• Contour following
• Guards & parking stand
• Long life boron disks

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